Drug Addiction help

                                      Drug Addiction help with Hypnotherapy

Abuse of prescription and social drugs is undoubtedly out of control.

October 2015 it was announced that South Africa has taken over from Nigeria as the drug capital.

Hypnotherapy is one method of  help becoming more effective than  help offered in most rehabilitation centres.

It offers a methodology which seeks to overcome causes rather than patch over the symptoms.

Treating people with kindness and giving hope as well as physically feeling calm,  without drugs


One sad cause of addiction however starts in our schools. Children as young as 5 years of age being put on Ritalin and Concerts to either make them controllable or in theory to concentrate better.


Whole classes of children are on Ritalin. Surely not all these children can be sick?? surely ther must be another reason for entire classes of children being classified as ADD or ADHD?


I am helping adults still dependent upon these drugs as they think they cannot function without them.


Others are taking more and more particularly of Concerta to concentrate more as the pressure of studies increases though Varsity leading to absolute abuse and addiction to this and heavy drugs.


Please parents try every alternative rather than have your child turned into the Zombies I see too regularly in my practice.


Your children are generally very bright young people bored by a certain teacher or subject, not sick or freaks.


I can help them get off these drugs as soon as possible with a great deal of success using hypnotherapy.


Please realize your children are not sick.


Please don’t allow teachers to prescribe or administer these drugs, They are not lollies.


Please don’t take away their control over themselves with prescription drugs that can so easily lead to abuse and addiction in the future.


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