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Stop Smoking – Expert Help Available Now

Stop smoking
Stop smoking now

Stop Smoking and damaging your health for good. Let me help you now with hypnotherapy

  • Improve your health
  • Live Longer
  • Smell Better
  • Save Money
  • Stop poisoning yourself with Cigarettes NOW

How to Stop Smoking quickly and easily, no pills or patches

Hypnotherapy is probably THE most effective way to help people stop smoking.

It addresses any reasons you might smoke, for example to ease stress and calm down.

Picture yourself being able to feel calm without the need to smoke to achieve this.

Overcome any concerns such as putting on weight if you quit, and make it happen now.

My own father died of emphysema after 45 years of smoking.

He did go to a hypnotherapist and stopped smoking after only two sessions -but it was too late. The damage to his lungs was beyond repair.

That is one reason I decided to become a hypnotherapist myself. Let me help you stop NOW before it is too late for you as well.

Hypnotherapy is probably THE most effective way to help people stop smoking.

It addresses any reasons you might smoke, for example to ease stress and calm down.

Picture yourself being able to feel calm without the need to smoke to achieve this.

Overcome any concerns such as putting on weight if you quit, and make it happen now.

You gain control of yourself and your life by experiencing calmness without cigarettes and learn how to continue that feeling by yourself.

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be a powerful tool which surely works against addictions such as smoking, alcohol and drugs , pleasantly and effectively in only one or two sessions.

Let me help you stop smoking now

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Self Confidence Help with Hypnosis

Self Confidence can be lost due to an event or person that has created an impression of not being good enough.

This could have happened in your childhood even, and remembered for the rest of your life.

Hypnosis helps self confidence by overcoming all the reasons for doubting yourself.
With the feelings of calmness and confidence that hypnosis can create in your subconscious mind we can override the recurring thoughts in your brain which continue doubts and give the feelings of self confidence you have always wanted.

  • Overcome troubling problems.
  • Feel good about yourself.
  • Feel calm for that job interview.
  • Be confident for that exam.
  • Look forward to success.

Help yourself be the person you want to be NOW

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Fear of the Dentist? Hypnosis Helps

  • Do you  have a Fear of the Dentist?
  • Do you hate the thought of needles?
  • Are you afraid of pain?
  • Does the drill frighten you?
  • Are you allergic to anesthetics?

If your answer is yes for any or all of the above questions, help is at hand.

Hypnosis helps with fear of the dentist.

Hypnosis works with the subconscious  to overcome the fears that are in the brain. Fear is the greater part of any pain, magnifying pain by increasing muscle tension and general anxiety. It thinks of all the “what ifs” and “buts” that add to anxiety and make ant thoughts of the dentist unpleasant.

Hypnosis help a person to stay calm.The thoughts of the dentist can be put into the distance, replaced with actual feelings of calmness about the whole experience.

Hypnosis can also teach you how to overcome the pain as well.When a person is calm these fears can be overcome and a visit to the dentist ca, in all fact, become a pleasant one.

After all it is essential that  we all visit the dentist regularly to maintain the health of out teeth and also that of our bodies which can suffer should we have an infection in our mouths.

I am certified with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapists Association and combined with my 50 years’ experience with using hypnotherapy, can help you towards a pleasant dental experience.

Expert help for Fear of the Dentist is now available in Johannesburg

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Weight Loss made more effective

weight loss

Weight loss can involve diets. But for some dieting does not work and weight is impossible to get off. Why?

Because diet on its own does not address such problems as stress for example

It will not come off if you are stressed and particularly stressed about losing weight.

Overweight often is the result of a traumatic experience and is there for a big purpose, Protection. Diet alone will not adjust this and the cause must be addressed first.

Weight loss will only take place when the mind is addressed in conjunction with any amount of exercise or diet.

By removing the reason for the weight and stress factors keeping it on together.

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What is Hypnotherapy Treatment

What is Hypnotherapy Treatment

Hypnotherapy is hypnosis as applied in a helpful way to help healing or overcoming challenges.

Hypnosis uses the subconscious mind to override harmful thoughts or fears held in the brain.

Thoughts become feelings which, if the thoughts are negative, can create fear, stress, or depression related problems.

Hypnosis used for therapy can help change these thoughts and the feelings from them, giving a person control over themselves once more.

We have listed many uses for hypnotherapy here

Let me explain what is hypnotherapy treatment to you now and experience good changes in your life.

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Drug Addiction help

drug addiction in south africa

                     Drug Addiction help with Hypnotherapy

Abuse of prescription and social drugs is undoubtedly out of control.


October 2015 it was announced that South Africa has taken over from Nigeria as the drug capital.

Hypnotherapy is one method of  help becoming more effective than  help offered in most rehabilitation centres.

It offers a methodology which seeks to overcome causes rather than patch over the symptoms.

One sad cause of addiction is however started in our schools. Children as young as 5 years of age being put on Ritalin and Concerts to either make them controllable or in theory to concentrate better.

Whole classes of children are on Ritalin. Surely not all these children can be sick?? surely ther must be another reason for entire classes of children being classified as ADD or ADHD?

In my experience I am finding adults still dependent upon these drugs as they think they cannot function without them.

Others are taking more and more particularly of Concerta to concentrate more as the pressure of studies increases though Varsity leading to absolute abuse and addiction to this and heavy drugs.

Please parents try every alternative rather than have your child turned into the Zombies I see too regularly in my practice.

Your children are generally very bright young people bored by a certain teacher or subject, not sick or freaks.

I can help them get off these drugs as soon as possible with a great deal of success using hypnotherapy.

Please realize your children are not sick.

Please don’t allow teachers to prescribe or administer these drugs, They are not lollies.

Please don’t take away their control over themselves with prescription drugs that can so easily lead to abuse and addiction in the future.

Contact today for help.

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Mind Performance and Study Enhancement

Mind and Study Enhancement

Mind Performance and study enhancement helps people realize that every word you think affects every atom in your body. Therefor thoughts change actions and feelings and performance. By eliminating doubt, Productive thought begins. By eliminating negativity, physical and mental health can improve.

Your thoughts affect your body. Depressed people will feel physically bad., All of these feelings have come from the thoughts of sadness and depression and manifest as bad physical feelings.

The mere thought of “I can’t” decreases your energy. Simply changing to thoughts of ” I can” will improve your Thoughts, strength and endurance.

How can we Achieve Mind Performance and Study Enhancement

For almost 50 years I have been helped in my own performance and helped athletes in all sports attain their dreams.

From beginners with heart for their sport to Olympic and World Class athletes

Every day we help athletes in any sport enhance their performance. By believing in themselves their effort increases.

Students can concentrate better when the mind is focused and working clearly.

Reading a book when stressed results in the information not being absorbed.

Mind performance enhancement can help improve every aspect of your life.

Mind performance enhancement can help your health.

Sporting and study abilities improve immediately with improvements of your thoughts and mind. It is a fact that your strength will increase when your mind is clear, free of negative thoughts.

Most illnesses can be helped with this principle. Depression and stress are caused by states of mind. The results of such negativity can be; lowered immune systems, arthritis. Even cancers are caused and exacerbated by states of mind. Without negativity and doubt every part of your body improves and functions as it should.

Help yourself in every way today. Improve your knowledge easier. Improve your sport. Improve your relationships. Improve your work.


Depression help with hypnosis



Depression help



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Depression help. Reverse that feeling of unending deep sadness and emptiness. That can be the most debilitating condition on the planet. The side effects can damage every part of a person’s life. Or destroy it.

Millions of people suffer depression for about as many reasons. So many pains and illnesses also are a side effect of depression, adding to the problems.

The feelings of depression come from depressing thoughts.

Hypnosis can help overcome the never ending circle of feelings, pain, illness, created from Depression.

Importantly we can help people through the very darkest of feelings.

South Africa alone has some 667 suicides a month. Over 200 attempted suicides A DAY. Due to the overpowering effects of depression.

Trauma, Grief, Relationship problems. Financial worries, and even exam results can create what appears insurmountable darkness. A place so dark many  people then fear that giving up is the only solution to their despair.

But there is hope

Depression and Hypnosis

As the major cause is thoughts and the mind, hypnosis can re-establish thoughts and resulting feelings of comfort and well-being. This can be for the  first time in many years that a person has felt calm. This realization becomes a reference point, another place to be, rather than darkness and pain.

Plus the practitioner is a listener. Often all a person needs is someone to listen to them. Someone to talk to.

Feeling bad becomes a habit because a person knows no different.

The habit of feeling bad then has another alternative that hypnosis offers. Hypnosis can enable a person to physically feel calm. A pleasant physical feeling that can in fact override the darkness and give a person control over themselves once more.

We work with members of the medical profession who are seeking alternatives to medication. Medication can often exacerbate side effects. Many now recommend the use of hypnosis as an alternative, or to be used in conjunction with medication. In most cases we see people reacting very positively with hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years with great results. Only in recent years hypnosis is starting to gain acceptance by the medical profession.

It creates feelings of calmness which allow for calmer thought patterns. Hypnosis can create logical thinking overcoming snowballing effects of adding problems to previous problems for example.

When darkness and confusion is lessened  different thoughts come through. A person can think. When calmness is present, problems don’t appear as bad. Solutions to problems become clear.

Problems are no longer overpowering tidal waves.

The results of hypnosis can be extremely effective.

Hypnotherapy helps simply based upon feeling nice, feeling calm. Knowing they have done this by themselves, giving them control over themselves once more is the best feeling a person can have.

Fogginess can go, pains can go. Calmness can return.

In conjunction with medication if recommended by a practitioner, or if you decide to try this alternative by yourself, hypnosis can do no harm.

Let Arthur help you help yourself now

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Broken Relationships and Hypnosis

broken relationships

Hypnotherapy for broken relationships can be a great help through rough times.

Just as for grief, one has lost someone and feels grief and loss when a relationship breaks.

The loss hurts physically and one finds it difficult to function. The thoughts of loss create feelings that are very hard to handle for most.

Losing someone is very difficult to think about without pain and hurt. Broken relationships are probably the most traumatic events of ones lifetime. Broken relationships, the memories and feelings from them can affect a person for the rest of their lives.

Hypnotherapy for broken relationships, Ease the pain now.

Hypnotherapy helps a person feel calm even under circumstances of loss.

Once the mind is calm, it can think clearly and the body follows.

The associated feelings of loss are lessened and a person can think of their circumstances whilst feeling calm, and helping the recovery process.

Hypnosis is an easy way to overcome loss, grief and their associated feelings without pills.

When you can think of the event and feel calm at the same time the broken relationship then becomes manageable and you can think of the next steps in your life.

Let Arthur and Hypnotherapy SA help you hey over broken relationships now.



Grief Help… Use Hypnotherapy First

Grief help with hypnotherapy

Grief, that overpowering feeling of sadness after a loss for example, is a very real feeling. Sadness of losing someone or something for example can become a physically debilitating reality.

Hypnosis helps grief in a very positive way.

The grief hurts. The thoughts of grief are the cause of the hurt however.

Get grief help with hypnosis now

The physical reactions are very real. However the cause is the mind and the thoughts of loss.

Every thought we have effects every atom in our body. Therefor the mind can be helped to accept such a situation and the body will follow.

Get Grief help with hypnotherapy today

Hypnosis can actually make a person feel physically calm. This can relieve the paralyzing feelings of grief.

No one ever says that grief is not necessary. A time of grief generally is associated with a great outlet of pent up emotions. However people can sometimes grieve for many years or may not ever forget the reason for their grief. This is denying a person a healthy life. Permanent sadness is not usual or necessary.

This is where hypnotherapy helps grief greatly, by reminding a person of calmness and helping them feel that calmness. When the cause of the grief is thought about it creates feelings of sadness and tears. If, however an incident can be thought about from a position of calmness, it then becomes less upsetting.

This becomes possible as hypnosis addresses the subconscious mind. It bypasses the brain where the feelings come from. The brain’s thoughts created feelings. Subconscious can override the thoughts of grief.

The cause cannot be changed. However one’s perception of the event can be changed drastically. When one is calm at the same time as thinking of the loss or event.

This makes the grieving process much shorter and more bearable.

The cause is placed in the past where it is in reality.

Something has happened, yes. But after hypnosis one can then function in day to day tasks and responsibilities rather than be incapacitated by grief.

Hypnosis helps grief by alleviating and shortening the grieving process. Replacing feelings of grief with much calmer thoughts, feelings, and ability to cope.

Get grief help now. Let Arthur and Hypnotherapy SA help demonstrate to you how hypnotherapy helps grief now.


Alzheimers Help with Hypnotherapy

alzheimers help

Thousands of people can be helped by using hypnosis to relieve Alzheimers

One important factor in memory loss is fear. The fear of forgetting things. This fear adds to one’s inability to think and magnifies the problem out of proportion from a memory blip to something wrong.

Forgetting names of acquaintances not essential to them is not a problem. Forgetting something that happened during one’s childhood, in reality may have not been relevant enough to remember anyway.

But the fear of forgetting and people saying something is wrong with you can hurt.

People may then be branded as suffering Alzheimers and a huge problem starts.

They may only have a mild cognitive impairment or mind blip.

That person however thinks they are some sort of freak, unable to think and suffering some sort of incurable disease. This creates such a problem. People believe they are suffering a disease.

In reality many cases however the fear of forgetting things is the problem and Hypnosis and Alzheimer’s can in many cases reduce the fear or forgetting and gives that person quality of life once more.

Admittedly some cases are brain deterioration and other methods must be used. However help can be offered with hypnosis to Alzheimers sufferers to reduce the fear of forgetting and helping a degree of memory to return, and a degree of self respect and calmness again to give a better quality of life.

Alzheimers help with hypnosis

Hypnotherapy can help calm the mind about unnecessary worries. Stop problems snowballing into tidal waves and help a -person actually feel calm and relaxed. Often for the first time in may years.

It can help in a non medical way, simply helping a person believe in themselves and feel calm again.

This calmness alone can alleviate fears and problems.

Eliminate the fear of forgetting now.

Let Arthur help you now


Allergies help hypnosis really works

Many people have allergies. Cats, Dogs, Gluten, Lactose, Sulfur, Penicillin, Shellfish, dust, pollen. foods, latex, and insect stings for example, but don’t think of associating allergies and hypnosis.

More often chemicals and steroids are used to help. These dull the body’s reaction to allergens. Drastic measures often become necessary, such as epinephrin (adrenalin) injections for the more serious alaphylactic reactions.

Most allergies have a common factor involved, that is stress.

The body when under stress becomes oversensitised, a person becomes more allergic to more things the worse the stress is allowed to gain.

Get help for allergies now.

Hypnosis can alleviate stress effectively and ease such allergic side effects as skin disorders dermatitis, eczema and redness. psoriasis, chest tightness and general discomfort.

Reducing stress relaxes and desensitizes the body and enables the immune system to operate effectively. This can overcome most allergies and their debilitating and often embarrassing side effects.

Overcome debilitating allergies help is available now.


Attention Deficit Disorder Help Now

Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD,  and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD are ruining the lives of thousands of people worldwide.

ADD must be the most overrated and incorrectly described problem on the planet and is more a buzzword than a real problem.

People diagnosed with such problems are generally extremely bright and clever in every respect. They do not deserve the branding of names or criticism they receive.

They have perhaps appeared inattentive in class Possibly during subjects that are no interest to them. They do excel however in many fields which most people cannot.

By merely taking away of the names Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD or ADHD, so called sufferers can immediately improve these people. Self esteem can return. Overall confidence can return. Ability to study can return.

Hypnosis can achieve this very well. Hopefully hypnosis can reduce the need for such drugs that are known worldwide as suicide drugs.

When a person feels calmer they behave far better in their own eyes and the eyes of others.

Attention Deficit Disorder and Hypnosis are not always associated. Hypnosis however can be a great help.

How does hypnotherapy help Attention Deficit Disorder

It works with the subconscious mind overcoming problems instilled in the brain.

Just changing a person’s thoughts from being a sufferer, a victim, or a freak to being a normal person can be a personality changing experience. They can believe in themselves once more.

The calming effects of knowing this combined with physically feeling relaxed can give a person control over themselves once more, enable study abilities and necessary thought, and eliminating pressure.

Hypnotherapy can do this by working with the subconscious mind, overcoming fear and pressure.

For help contact Arthur at Hypnotherapy SA


Hypnotherapy Training in South Africa


For Hypnotherapy training in South Africa.

Arthur is also Director of the International Academy of Hypnosis, accredited by the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Plus the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association, a body with possibly the highest standards in the world.

Correct ethical training conducted under quality monitored standards. We offer the highest quality hypnosis training in South Africa. We prepare students in all aspect of hypnosis. Also continued study updating and adding skills for graduates. Training ethics, complete confidence, and a vast spectrum of usages of hypnosis and hypnotherapy not equaled in South Africa.

IAH offers Hypnotherapy Training in South Africa from Johannesburg

We offer Hypnotherapy Training in South Africa comprehensive courses such as Certified Hypnotherapist, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. All with International certification.

  • Self Improvement course involving self hypnosis: This gives a person great control over themselves and their lives, and is valuable for people from pain sufferers to students and athletes in any sport. This is an intense weekend course costing R3995.00.
  • Certified Hypnotherapist: 250 hours home study and face to face assessment. Conducted over 12 months and costing R18500.00
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist: Either completed as 500 hours of study. Also for certified graduates as an additional 300 hours, consisting of home study, client consultations and face to face assessment. Cost of this additional 300 hours is R13995.00
  • Recognition of Prior Learning: We offer Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist certification as a Recognition of Prior Learning assessment. Available to existing C.Ht hypnosis graduates from our training or from any other institution, who have been practicing.
    • RPL assesses all certification, experience in similar fields and client consultations towards the 500 hours experience necessary towards Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification.
    • A Gap assessment would also be necessary to see if any modules would need to be completed in addition to existing certification to satisfy these requirements.
    • The cost of RPL is R6995.00
    • We can provide any modules required after the gap assessment.
  • Post Graduate Courses and Seminars: Ongoing Training courses and seminars carrying CEU points are available at our centers every month.

For Hypnotherapy Training in South Africa Please contact us for all details


Study Help – Improve Memory

Study Help with Hypnotherapy

People study and is often overlooked as a great way to help every student.

However it can be the most effective way of helping, and literally every person on the planet can benefit from hypnotherapy.

Both adults and children all over the world experience some degree of difficulty with study and associated examinations.

People are so often diagnosed as supposedly suffering from this or that and prescribed drugs known in many parts of the world as the suicide drug but distributed in South Africa like lollies.

Just branding someone as having a problem can make them feel like a freak.

Pills particularly those such as Ritalin and Concerta simply address the symptom, They never address the problem, which is rarely a mental problem, but simply, stress.

Study help using hypnosis clears the mind of other influences such as day to day stress, parental and peer pressure. This aids concentration, memory retention and overcoming exam nerves

Mostly the problem is stress and pressure.

The brain literally cannot think when stress is a factor.

Therefore study and recollection of information becomes impossible.

Such an important tool as hypnotherapy helps people by creating a feeling of physical and mental well-being.

Instantly the brain comes out of what is very similar to a state of shock.

Fog and clutter that stop necessary thought clears.

This enables a person to absorb what is read and recall what has been learnt at otherwise stressful exam times.

Hypnosis helps studying by using suggestion to the subconscious to promote calmness and well being.

As every word we think affects every atom in our bodies, this therefore can be of a great study help. Stress induced by an event which has shocked a person, or bullying, or parental and peer pressure can be quickly overcome with hypnosis.

The thoughts of examinations can be just as traumatic to the majority of people, causing unnecessary stress and worry, but also easily helped with hypnosis

Let Arthur at Hypnotherapy SA show you that hypnotherapy is a great study help today.


Hypnosis for Fear and Anxiety

Hypnosis for fear and anxiety is highly recommended as the body can overcome the physical reactions. These are caused by thoughts of fear caused from the mind and relaxing the mind causes a physical calmness whilst under hypnosis.

This calmness then becomes a reference point, and alternative to fear, and a reassurance that a person can in fact be calm once more by themselves.

Hypnosis exerts no control over a person

It simply teaches how to overcome fears and physically feel calm as a result. This effect is permanent and is a sure sign to a person that they have control once more, not being controlled by fear any more.

The thought of fear has a drastic effect on the body. This alone causes muscle tension, sweating, gastric problems, acidic problems, and many illnesses.

The fear of exams for example causes the brain to lock and not be able to think at that time.

The fear of not expressing oneself properly can cause stammering as can a fright.

Fear following an accident can cause a person to perhaps not drive again, or to be completely house bound.

The fear of being in danger can cause the entire body and mind to lock, immobilising a person during that time and stopping them from thinking.

Hypnosis for fear helps person physically feel calm once more. People know they have done this by themselves and overcomes all the side effects.

A person realises they have regained control over themselves.

Once this control and the resulting calmness is realised both mind and body can return to a state of calmness.

This can be easily achieved with hypnosis

Let Arthur help you overcome your fears with hypnosis for fear today


Pain and Phantom Pain and Hypnosis

Pain images

Hypnosis for pain is probably overlooked in this day and age.

For thousands of years however hypnosis has been used to overcome. Agony that a person would experience during headaches, injuries, or even an operation. Ancient Egyptians however used hypnosis even for brain surgery.

Today in the wars and battlefields of the world, hypnosis is used to alleviate pain when field surgery supplies are scarce or unavailable.

A great proportion of rheumatic, muscular, and arthritic pains can also be helped with hypnosis.

Certainly some pains may have a physical cause requiring a medical intervention. However a major portion of pain is amplified by the mind. Fear magnifies any pains, Fear itself is often the cause of great pain.

Hypnosis is an extremely effective solution.

Just thinking of it can create the most intensely painful experience.

Endurance athletes overcome it by concentrating on other things, what they are doing, even experiencing the sport they love. That distraction alone can make sport a much more pleasant experience.

How can Hypnosis help with Pain?

Hypnosis can help alleviate or in some cases overcome pains by working upon the subconscious mind. This helps the brain to change the perception of it to being or feeling like something else. Easing discomfort by distracting from the pains and concentrating upon something else helps wonderfully. Even eliminating the fear that magnified it, and creating the feeling that something does not or will not hurt.

During childbirth for example, the fear of pain can create an agonizing experience. Muscles contract unduly because of the fears of a painful experience.

Relaxing during childbirth by utilizing hypnosis can alleviate a larger part of suffering during childbirth. The muscles involved relax considerably and a much more pleasant experience can be had by the mother.

Phantom pains can be also helped with hypnosis. Pains may persist in a limb which has been destroyed or removed. They can remain in a part of the body which has been repaired, and which keeps recurring for no apparent reason.

One such case was lady who had a tooth implant drilled through the jaw into nerves and cartilage beneath, creating agonizing pain. Even when the tooth was removed and nerves repaired, this agony continued. The body had been suffering for nine years. But the physical causes had been removed.

Only when hypnosis was used did the body realize that the pain was gone. The fear which made it continue it was gone, the agony no longer necessary.

Hypnosis may be the one method you haven’t used to help you so far, and may well be the solution to your problems.

Let Hypnotherapy SA help you today.

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Headache help with hypnosis expert help

Headache help with Hypnosis

A major portion of people in the world today suffer headaches. The reason is generally stress. Stress of life, family, financial and World problems does indeed take its toll.

Stress however is a state of the mind which in turn causes a physical reaction.The mental cause of a physical reaction is however most times overlooked and a pill taken to ease the pain as a band-aid fix ignoring the cause..Our own thoughts. Headache help with hypnosis works like this.

The body is like millions of telephone lines sending and receiving signals to the main switchboard, the brain.If the brain has a painful thought therefore, the body will have a painful reaction.

However the reaction is more often a signal to us that we are stressed and must overcome this stress for our own well-being.

Hypnotherapy, or the therapeutic effect of hypnosis then can play a major role simply helping a person for example to handle a past problem as realistically not affecting them today, or to handle a present problem more clearly with less confusion can help overcome the often debilitating effects of headache.

The ability to overcome a multitude of unnecessary factors magnifying the problem can therefore lessen the degree of the problem and resultant physical and mental stress AND LESSEN THE NEED FOR THE PAINFUL SIGNAL FROM THE BODY.

The signals to the body to reduce stress are lessened and the headache diminished as the stress levels lower.

Hypnosis has been used effectively for thousands of years.

Let Arthur help you overcome your headache help with hypnosis today.


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Stress Management with Hypnosis

Stress management with hypnosis is often overlooked in this age of pills and potions.

Stress is our worst enemy, the cause of most mental and physical problems that seem to have no cause.

It is little known that the mind greatly contributes if not is responsible for many things. Arthritis, some cancers, gastric problems, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety also. Headaches, stiff neck, lower back problems, fears, phobias. allergies, inattentiveness. Even memory loss is exacerbated by stress and fear. And much, much more.

One of the most important factors in improving personal well-being and longevity is stress management.
When a person learns they can in fact control and overcome their stress the entire body is affected in a very positive way.
Calmness therefore can help a person heal, think, achieve, overcome ghosts from the past, and be the person they want to be.stress management

How does stress management with hypnosis

Every word you think affects every atom of your body.

Negative words therefore create bad feelings throughout your body. The solution is therefore easier than most people think..

Hypnosis can help eliminate negativity and help you feel physically calm so you can think positively.

It does this simply with words. Making you aware of positive words, words of encouragement and calmness. Making you aware of how you can change your feelings with words changes feelings. This awareness reduces stress and pain. Even some illnesses can be alleviated by reducing stress levels.

You then realize you have control over your thoughts, your body and your stress levels.

Rid yourself of pain, headaches, body pain,inability to think properly. Perform better at sport and work, and feel better about yourself.
Let me help your stress management related problems now.

Take the first step to a stress free life.

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