Trauma & PTSD Help using hypnosis

Trauma Depression and PTSD help
Trauma and PTSD help

Trauma &  PTSD help is just a phone call away

When we suffer a traumatic experience the whole body and brain suffers. Physical pain and tension therefore can most likely be caused in the mind.

The mind perceives something traumatic and can shut down the whole body as a protection to prevent further damage.

So every part of trauma and PTSD that does not have a physical origin can be helped with hypnosis. By physical origin we mean body damage and symptoms which must be treated by medical procedures.

Trauma &  PTSD help using Hypnotherapy gives a person control over their bodies again from the perspective of the mind. Creating calmness induced hypnosis reminds the body where calmness is.

A case history as an example; A client kidnapped and guns held to his head was severely traumatize and literally a zombie.

No physical damage was suffered but his mind almost  comatose from shock.

However under hypnosis, when it was pointed out that during the event he had acted with calm and heroism. His entire body immediately relaxed and his brain started to function once more.

Because the mind controls the body reactions that have no apparent cause. Therefore Hypnosis, working with the mind, can be a big help to overcome trauma and avoid symptoms of shock.

So get trauma Depression and PTSD help now, Overcome these debilitating effects today


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