Fear of the Dentist? Hypnosis Helps

  • Do you  have a Fear of the Dentist?
  • Do you hate the thought of needles?
  • Are you afraid of pain?
  • Does the drill frighten you?
  • Are you allergic to anesthetics?

If your answer is yes for any or all of the above questions, help is at hand.

Hypnosis helps with fear of the dentist.

Hypnosis works with the subconscious  to overcome the fears that are in the brain. Fear is the greater part of any pain, magnifying pain by increasing muscle tension and general anxiety. It thinks of all the “what ifs” and “buts” that add to anxiety and make ant thoughts of the dentist unpleasant.

Hypnosis help a person to stay calm.The thoughts of the dentist can be put into the distance, replaced with actual feelings of calmness about the whole experience.

Hypnosis can also teach you how to overcome the pain as well.When a person is calm these fears can be overcome and a visit to the dentist ca, in all fact, become a pleasant one.

After all it is essential that  we all visit the dentist regularly to maintain the health of out teeth and also that of our bodies which can suffer should we have an infection in our mouths.

I am certified with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapists Association and combined with my 50 years’ experience with using hypnotherapy, can help you towards a pleasant dental experience.

Expert help for Fear of the Dentist is now available in Johannesburg

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Pain and Phantom Pain and Hypnosis

Pain images

Hypnosis for pain is probably overlooked in this day and age.

For thousands of years however hypnosis has been used to overcome. Agony that a person would experience during headaches, injuries, or even an operation. Ancient Egyptians however used hypnosis even for brain surgery.

Today in the wars and battlefields of the world, hypnosis is used to alleviate pain when field surgery supplies are scarce or unavailable.

A great proportion of rheumatic, muscular, and arthritic pains can also be helped with hypnosis.

Certainly some pains may have a physical cause requiring a medical intervention. However a major portion of pain is amplified by the mind. Fear magnifies any pains, Fear itself is often the cause of great pain.

Hypnosis is an extremely effective solution.

Just thinking of it can create the most intensely painful experience.

Endurance athletes overcome it by concentrating on other things, what they are doing, even experiencing the sport they love. That distraction alone can make sport a much more pleasant experience.

How can Hypnosis help with Pain?

Hypnosis can help alleviate or in some cases overcome pains by working upon the subconscious mind. This helps the brain to change the perception of it to being or feeling like something else. Easing discomfort by distracting from the pains and concentrating upon something else helps wonderfully. Even eliminating the fear that magnified it, and creating the feeling that something does not or will not hurt.

During childbirth for example, the fear of pain can create an agonizing experience. Muscles contract unduly because of the fears of a painful experience.

Relaxing during childbirth by utilizing hypnosis can alleviate a larger part of suffering during childbirth. The muscles involved relax considerably and a much more pleasant experience can be had by the mother.

Phantom pains can be also helped with hypnosis. Pains may persist in a limb which has been destroyed or removed. They can remain in a part of the body which has been repaired, and which keeps recurring for no apparent reason.

One such case was lady who had a tooth implant drilled through the jaw into nerves and cartilage beneath, creating agonizing pain. Even when the tooth was removed and nerves repaired, this agony continued. The body had been suffering for nine years. But the physical causes had been removed.

Only when hypnosis was used did the body realize that the pain was gone. The fear which made it continue it was gone, the agony no longer necessary.

Hypnosis may be the one method you haven’t used to help you so far, and may well be the solution to your problems.

Let Hypnotherapy SA help you today.

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Headache help with hypnosis expert help

Headache help with Hypnosis

A major portion of people in the world today suffer headaches. The reason is generally stress. Stress of life, family, financial and World problems does indeed take its toll.

Stress however is a state of the mind which in turn causes a physical reaction.The mental cause of a physical reaction is however most times overlooked and a pill taken to ease the pain as a band-aid fix ignoring the cause..Our own thoughts. Headache help with hypnosis works like this.

The body is like millions of telephone lines sending and receiving signals to the main switchboard, the brain.If the brain has a painful thought therefore, the body will have a painful reaction.

However the reaction is more often a signal to us that we are stressed and must overcome this stress for our own well-being.

Hypnotherapy, or the therapeutic effect of hypnosis then can play a major role simply helping a person for example to handle a past problem as realistically not affecting them today, or to handle a present problem more clearly with less confusion can help overcome the often debilitating effects of headache.

The ability to overcome a multitude of unnecessary factors magnifying the problem can therefore lessen the degree of the problem and resultant physical and mental stress AND LESSEN THE NEED FOR THE PAINFUL SIGNAL FROM THE BODY.

The signals to the body to reduce stress are lessened and the headache diminished as the stress levels lower.

Hypnosis has been used effectively for thousands of years.

Let Arthur help you overcome your headache help with hypnosis today.


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