Online Hypnotherapy help at home no travelling

Online Hypnotherapy help at home or in your office, full consultations just as effective as if you were in my office.

As easy as filling in the contact form below, we will gladly answer your questions and help you with further details. 

Help for stress or depression related problems, pain reduction, fears and phobias now can be had without you coming into our offices 

Online Hypnotherapy help at home is now offering consultations online for people who don’t have time to travel or cannot come to the office, also for those who may be incapacitated and unable to leave home.

With over 50 years’ experience T/Dr Arthur Long D.Emed EPP C.Cht is now available online to help with such problems as: Stress, depression, agoraphobia, fibromyalgia, ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, headaches, pain, and much much more. In the comfort of your own home or office  via either WhatsApp or Zoom so you can get help for problems in comfort. .

As good as being face to face, consultations are now available online, on your computer or cellphone without the inconvenience of traveling, offering help therefore to incapacitated people, the elderly, people worried about leaving home, people from outside South Africa, or people  who simply don’t have the time to travel.

What you need to do;

Simply fill out the contact form below, we’ll make a time available to suit you, send payment, we make available  convenient payment methods. Then at the time select a quiet comfortable area, with no interruptions from friends family or pets, make sure your computer or smartphone has a good internet connection, you have good speaker volume or headphones, then switch to whatsapp or zoom to make contact, sit back and relax whilst being helped with a full consultation session. 

Phone Cell: 0833840907

Hypnotherapy courses are available online too, see