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Hypnotherapy Testimonial

In a nutshell hypnotherapy and Dr Arthur Long have changed my life.

Before coming to see Arthur, I’d been struggle with allergies from the age of 10. Over the past 20 years they got progressively worse and traditional doctors always hit a dead end, recommending chronic medication. It got so bad that every day that I could breath partially was a gift.

Lately I had also developed body aches that physio and other therapies had failed to improve.

Arthur was able to drill down to root of the issues I was facing – rooted in stress, self expression and self love. In our session we addressed these issues gently but head on and he gave me simple but effective advice to assist me when I felt myself slipping.

It’s hard to condense the positive effects of my session with Arthur but I’ll try.

Immediately afterwards I felt a profound sense of freedom. All the baggage that I had inherited now felt separate from myself and I felt free to craft the life of my dreams. Since then, I have been slowly working my way through my previous allergens and triggers much to my delight.

I can’t recommend Arthur and hypnotherapy enough. I’ve already encouraged my family and friends to come see him. With the life-changing effects that I have experienced, there is no reason that anyone should be without this kind of relief and joy.

For the benefit of anyone with the issues I had, they were: allergies (20 years) to gluten, dairy, shellfish, cats, dogs. Inability to exercise – mucus in lungs and sinuses, persistent lower back pain (4 years), unexplained body pains (foot, neck and shoulders), struggling with weight-loss, depression, suicidal thoughts, self belief.

If you’re unsure of whether or not to go see Arthur and give hypnotherapy a try, you literally have nothing to lose and most likely a world of possibilities to gain (like me!)


Bheki wrote ; “Thanks Art for an amazing session yesterday, you always bring out the best in me! You are an amazing Hypnotherapist!”


AK wrote: “Prior to trying Hypnotherapy I have been to therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and rehabs.  I have always felt uncomfortable in my own skin, and have tried many ways;  from medication to drugs trying to find a sense of belonging, and peace within myself.


Having heard of hypnotherapy, and its benefit I decided to give it a try, as I was at a point where rock bottom was not to far off.  My initial hesitations were set aside after my 1st session, which led to a startling realization, I can be okay.  With – in 4 sessions I was already taking shape into a “human form”.  I have now been off all medications; (mood and anxiety stabilizers for 10yrs) for a month, furthermore I am clean from all substances for over a month.


Previous to Hypnotherapy I couldn’t fathom a day with out some substance to assist me in surviving the day.


I am able to think and be more aware of my self.


Now I have found something I have been searching for my entire life a best friend, and through the help of Arthur I have found my best friend in me.


Also I have found the state of calm, and inner peace which I had long lost, and always desired.


I can actually see my future, by living in the present, as I cant change  the past.


Thank you



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