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Arthur Long expert Hypnotherapist

Dr Arthur Long D.Emed EPP C.Cht Expert Internationally Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in Fourways Johannesburg.

Heard many times on Talk Radio 702,  as well as Cape talk 567 and MIX 93.8.

T/Dr Arthur Long D.Emed, EPP, C.Cht has over 50 years of international hypnotherapy experience, therefore he has assisted thousands of clients to regain control of their lives,  thus alleviating stress and depression, unwanted habits and addictions. Plus people can improve their self-esteem, improve performance (physical and mental). Therefore Hypnotherapy also helps overcome depression and trauma plus improves your overall well being.

Arthur is one of the only hypnotherapists to treat Australian Olympics team members, also many elite and World champion athletes. In addition Arthur is the FIRST Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (C.CHt.) in South Africa, also he is also a twice certified Reiki Master and Traditional Healer.

T/Dr Arthur J Long D.Emed, EPP, C.Cht South African Hypnotherapy Association Reg. No: 9365HYP1412IMDHA Registration No : 1210-112509 Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists 

International Certificatoin Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists, education provider 

Passionate About Healing Using Different Modalities

Personal Details – Arthur  Long Describing Himself:

As a Person: Passionate about healing using different modalities

As a Professional : Strong believer in body, mind, spirit and emotional balance

Areas of Specialty : Clinical Hypnotherapy and Ethnomedicine Therapies

Qualifications : Ethnomedicine Practitioner, D.Emed (EPASA/SAEPB) RegisteredEthnopsychology Practitioner, EPP : (EPASA/SAEPB) RegisteredClinical Hypnotherapist (Australian Hypnotherapists Association)IMDHA Certified Hypnotherapist : (International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association USA : Qualification) ICBCH ( International certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists, Naturopathy (Australian College Nat Therapy)Traditional Health Practitioner, THP (TMA/SAHA)Registered Counselor (IACT) International Certification Bord of Hypnotherapists (ICBCH) Accredited Training Provider

Personal Consultation: Request Fee

Plus I am also registered with a Traditional Health Practitioners association/s in accordance with the Traditional Health Practitioners Act, 2007, (Act 22, 2007)

 contact now for help;

Mobile No : 0833840907

E-mail :

Province : Gauteng City : Johannesburg, Fourways


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Now practicing in Johannesburg T/Dr Arthur Long D.Emed EPP C.Cht hypnotherapist is at

Block C Regent Hill Office Park cnr Leslie and Turley roads Fourways

Near Witkoppen Rd and Montecasino.

Arthur also co-founded the International

Academy of Hypnotherapy (IAH).

Being the leading provider for international certification of hypnosis and hypnotherapy qualification.

The object of IAH is to make higher standards of hypnosis training available to enthusiastic people new to the profession. Plus add to the skills of those previously certified and improve skills and awareness of how hypnosis can help everyone.

Arthur Long C.Cht learnt many years ago how people from stroke, stress and depression sufferers, to International and Olympic athletes could help themselves with hypnosis. Also sports people can perform better than ever by instilling confidence and eliminating doubt of their capabilities.Improve memory, study, self esteem, pain relief and well being.

Fields of help that opened the scope of hypnotherapists from helping someone stop smoking for example to obtain total general improvement.

Most of all,  Hypnotherapy is gaining more credibility and respectability every day all over the world. Arthur is a leading hypnotherapist, helping people of South Africa understand this wonderful profession.

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