Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Testimonials :


Bheki wrote ; “Thanks Art for an amazing session yesterday, you always bring out the best in me! You are an amazing Hypnotherapist!”


AK wrote: “Prior to trying Hypnotherapy I have been to therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and rehabs.  I have always felt uncomfortable in my own skin, and have tried many ways;  from medication to drugs trying to find a sense of belonging, and peace within myself.


Having heard of hypnotherapy, and its benefit I decided to give it a try, as I was at a point where rock bottom was not to far off.  My initial hesitations were set aside after my 1st session, which led to a startling realization, I can be okay.  With – in 4 sessions I was already taking shape into a “human form”.  I have now been off all medications; (mood and anxiety stabilizers for 10yrs) for a month, furthermore I am clean from all substances for over a month.


Previous to Hypnotherapy I couldn’t fathom a day with out some substance to assist me in surviving the day.


I am able to think and be more aware of my self.


Now I have found something I have been searching for my entire life a best friend, and through the help of Arthur I have found my best friend in me.


Also I have found the state of calm, and inner peace which I had long lost, and always desired.


I can actually see my future, by living in the present, as I cant change  the past.


Thank you