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Hypnotherapy uses for everyone
Hypnotherapy uses for everyone


Experienced Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy Really Works!

  For help with most of life’s problems and illnesses.

Now you can find an expert hypnotherapist in Johannesburg.    

Help yourself overcome stress, rid yourself of depression, help your sports performance, studies, public speaking nerves, self confidence, self esteem. There are endless ways people can be helped with  hypnotherapy.

T/Dr Arthur Long D.Emed. EPP, C.Cht, has had 50 years’ experience helping people be the person they always wanted to be.

Heard many times on Talk Radio 702, Cape Talk 567, Doctor’s Orders on TV and lectures throughout SA.


Specializing in helping the debilitating effects of Trauma, Stress and Depression…read further to see the many ways that hypnotherapy can help you.


How does Hypnotherapy help with healing?

Hypnosis is not a trick nor harmful in any way.  Basically  using just words which relax the brain to a state between being awake and being asleep.

It Works…

By helping someone to help themselves.

By working with the subconscious or unconscious mind. Overcoming lifetime habits or fears.

The brain is the filing system of the body,. It tries to be critical and judgmental to everything we do. This often causes problems within, and can stop us from remembering things deep in our unconscious mind by amplifying stress and problems.

This stops us from thinking and brain interferes very negatively in our lives.

Under hypnosis, applied by a competent hypnotherapist, the brain is stopped from all this activity. We gain access to our unconscious mind to which we can add words of encouragement, healing, and strength, triggering abilities in the body to heal.

When the brain’s thoughts are repressed, a hypnotherapist can talk directly to our unconscious mind. This starts the body to change its own memory and energy flows,  to remember, heal itself, or repair by seeing reason to change old habits of stress and depression for example.

A person can realize under hypnosis that simply changing the words they use to positive words, The thoughts they have become positive thoughts. This simple process can have a very positive influence upon their health and lives.

By changing your thinking you can change your feelings, health, and life.

Hypnotherapy can be an aid for thousands of problems. Problems such as stress, depression, pain relief, headaches, migraines, can all be helped with hypnotherapy.

Sports performance greatly improved. An alternative method of anesthesia for those allergic to anesthetics. Fears and phobias reduced type=”post”] Trauma overcome. Weight reduced Debilitation assisted, and many more ways to help you help yourself.

Hypnosis has been known to the world for thousands of years. Now you have expert hypnosis in Johannesburg

It can be used for healing, Stop smoking, relaxation, de-stressing. Improving self-esteem, pain relief, cure of addictions, and many curative processes. Helping with all those problems that seem to have no cause. Hypnosis simply combines the use of words and suggestion upon the unconscious mind of someone who wants help.
Thoughts and words affect our entire body. Negativity promotes many weaknesses, illnesses, pains, headaches and much more. Positivity can therefore promote well being, control over ones self, health, mental attitude and performance. This makes hypnosis a very powerful aid to wellness.

Expert hypnotherapy is available for you.

Hypnotherapy can be a valuable tool on its own, or used together with medical or alternative therapies to aid healing. Generally improving people’s lives with feelings of well-being. Hypnosis is simply putting a person into a trance or very relaxed state by an interaction between a practitioner and a person who wishes to be hypnotized.

A hypnotherapist is a person proficiently trained and certified to use hypnosis in a helpful way.


This hypnotic state is one which may never be feared. It is simply the same state you go through twice a day every day. When you go to sleep, that point between being asleep and being awake. You then pass through that state again when you wake up. That moment just before being fully awake is what we call the hypnotic state..

The person being hypnotized is always in control of themselves and everything that happens. They can hear everything that is said and are fully in control of their faculties to an extent they can never be told to do something they do not want to do.

Hypnosis relies upon the use of words. Every word you think affects aevery part of your body.

It is a state of mind when suggestions are acted upon and stored in the unconscious, and long after recalled. It is a state of very high focus and awareness, soft sounds become louder, recollection is vivid, even to the stage when every event in one’s life can be recalled.

Events from earlier in life or even in previous lives can be recalled as well.

Mentored certified training also available for those interested in starting a hypnotherapy profession or post graduates who would like to further their skills, see details on

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